Community Rules

Welcome to our community of footballers from all over the world. We are so excited that you are joining us as we open the doors to some of the top academies in the world.

These Rules are designed to make sure that VIA Academy is a safe, enjoyable and constructive space for everyone.

We take breaches of the Rules very seriously. It is such an honour to be a member of an Academy and a very high standard of conduct is expected of Academy players. VIA Academy is the Virtual Football Academy of Fulham FC, Queens Park Rangers FC and Peterborough United FC, and therefore the same high standards apply.

The Rules

  1. The Pitch is for playing football (and nothing else). You should only post videos that show you doing football skills.
  2. VIA Academy is for people of all ages, including children. Your videos and any other content you post should be suitable for everyone to see and enjoy.
  3. Please respect other peoples’ privacy. Don’t post any videos or photos that feature someone else unless they know about it and they have given you permission to post it, even if they are in the background. If your video features someone under 13, they also need to be signed up to our app and you need their parent’s permission too.
  4. Your videos should be your own. If you didn’t take the video, make sure you have permission from the person who owns that content before you post it. The same goes for any photos, audio or text. Don’t use any audio files, logos, names or trademarks unless they are your own, or you have permission to use them.
  5. Don’t impersonate other people or organisations, or mislead others into thinking you are someone or something you are not. This includes impersonating any football player, celebrity, club, Academy, team, brand or other organisation.
  6. Don’t post another person’s private information, or post videos or photos of another person in a private situation (e.g. a locker room).
  7. We designed The Pitch so that you could show off your talent and compete, connect and interact with professional football Academies and other footballers. Don’t use The Pitch for any other purposes, including to do or encourage anything illegal, or to promote goods or services.
  8. We will remove any video, photo or text that contains profanities, nudity, suggestive content, violence, disturbing content, rude gestures, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gambling or hate symbols.
  9. We will remove any video if the audio track contains profanities, hate speech, insults, violence, threats, harassment or abuse, or where it is of a sexual, graphic or otherwise toxic nature.
  10. We don’t tolerate bullying, racism or harassment of any kind.
  11. Please make sure to wear appropriate clothing when filming your videos. It would be best to wear your full football kit as if you were playing a match for your club or school.
  12. Respect, encourage and be kind to each other.

If you break the Rules, you will be shown a “YELLOW” card and the violating content will be removed. Based on your actions, we might issue a “RED” card and suspend your account.

These Rules outline what you are and aren’t allowed to do on the App. However there may be some situations that we haven’t described where we reserve the right to decide, at our sole discretion, if someone’s posts or behaviour is against the spirit of these rules and to issue a “YELLOW” or “RED” card.

Keeping yourself safe

When you upload content to VIA Academy, follow these tips to keep yourself safe:

  • Don’t upload any videos, photos or text to the app that contains something you don’t want others to see or know.
  • Don’t share your age or full name in your posts or profile. We don’t tell others your age or your full name, and we encourage you not to do that either.
  • Don’t share your contact information in your posts or profile. Never put your email address, phone number or any other contact information in your video descriptions.
  • Never share your address or your location with others.

What to do if you see someone break the Rules?

If you see any videos or other content from another user that you don’t like, you can always unfollow or block the person who posted it. If you block someone, that person will effectively disappear from your in-app experience and vice-versa.

If you think that a user or video breaks these Rules, please file a report immediately by using the in-app Report function, file a report in your browser using our Customer Portal or email us at Our team will review your report and will take action as quickly as possible if it breaches these Rules.

If you have any other concerns about content or behaviour on VIA Academy you can email us at