Who we are

A sports technology company revolutionising access to elite football training, community and retail

Our Vision

Giving to many what is only given to few; making quality elite sports training programs, goods and services universally accessible and affordable

Our brand story

The Latin name for our galaxy is “Via Lactea” (“Milky Way”). Via means “the way” and so we have named our app: VIA Academy “the way to be a sports star wherever you are.”

Our Story

With two avid footballers in the family, our founder spent the past 12 years pitch side, watching her sons play in matches, attend camps, and go on international tours.

This company is a product of the journey from her sons kicking a ball in the backyard, to being signed by English Football League clubs and all that was learnt along the way.

Having traversed across Asia, Africa and Europe in pursuit of the “beautiful game”, she was overwhelmed by the number of dedicated football fans and how many of them dreamt of becoming professional players (or at least taking their game to the next level). She noted the incredible demand to access topflight clubs and saw first-hand the benefits of being “inside the system” after her son joined an Academy.

She also came to understand the hard truth that there were only a very small number of players who ever made it into an elite Academy, with even fewer going on to become Pros.

And so the idea for Via Academy was born….